The 30th day of September 2023


I confess myself distracted over the last few days. The ebb and flow of life and the small matters of the world gather in the room like settling dust. As such, I have resolved to sweep them away with a story of our friends, or, more an encounter I witnessed that brought a wry smile to my face.

Let it be said that my patronage of the Broken Tankard is surely sufficient at this stage to have mended the leaky roof in the southwest corner, though it seems the dratted Barman is in some kind of perpetual daze these days. He certainly seems only capable of the most basic tasks. Though his appearance is certainly improved. I think I’d describe it as scruffy-smart, there’s a veneer of effort over a dishevelled core. On this day he even has a lopsided necktie, though, on closer inspection it’s clear this is to draw his collar together over a series of scratches on his chest. One can only wonder at the cause.

Indeed the only thing capable of pulling the dreary fellow out of his stupor was the fine figure of his companion as she sauntered into the premises. The scandal of it. I could barely believe my eyes but she was dressed in.. what is it? workman’s overalls? no… dungarees no less, in some unusual and extravagant floral pattern. She wore her hair back and had a scarlet handkerchief around her neck, which was also covering some kind of suspicious bruise by her collarbone. I nearly lost my mouthful of ale at her appearance. Though it must be said she was a striking sight.

This time it was she who made a grand curtsey as she presented herself at the bar in front of him. A gesture enhanced by her complete lack of a skirt, she pinched an imaginary garment and gave him a wink at the apex of the movement. The barman chuckled at this, and as he leant forward over the bar, she leaned in towards him. A movement which intentionally took long enough for him to get a good look down her top until she finally planted a kiss on his lips.

After a few moments engaged in this position, she swung herself over the bar and pushed the Barman out from behind it with both hands. He squeezed her around the waist so tightly it lifted her feet off the ground. They briskly marched each other out the door and I did not see them again that day.

It pleases me greatly to think of them, so enraptured with each other’s company. I hope my silliness has lightened your heart.

Yours, A.