The 27th day of September 2023


Regrettably, the week has worn me down thus far. The onset of the cold autumn season seems magnified in your absence.

I’m faced with a day of travels to the greyest place. I am determined to not allow my predisposition about the day cast a shadow on an opportunity to enjoy myself, but I cannot lie I am not relishing the prospect.

One glimmer of hope that keeps me going at these times pertains to our dearest friends, Barman and Wench. They had emerged late from wherever they had sequestered themselves yesterday. I spotted them dancing a most sloppy jig outside the Broken Tankard, the local minstrels’ tune ringing out from deep inside.

She had flowers in her hair, pinned back with a few wayward strands of gold that refused to be contained. With her hair in such an arrangement it was clear for the first time how close it was cropped underneath. She wore a blood-red frock off her slender shoulders. It ended at the ankles and fanned out as they spun. He wore a straw-coloured waistcoat. His undershirt was clearly missing a few buttons, and he wore entirely the wrong shoes.

They span around laughing, his hands on her waist, hers on his shoulders. He stumbled backwards and took her with him in his fall. They landed in a giggling mess on the floor, though I don’t think it was the ale that was making his head spin.

I could barely watch, but also couldn’t bring myself to look away. I’m quite certain they took no notice of me, or anything else. It seemed as though the world could have been on fire and not drawn their attention from each other.

He drew himself up from the floor, offering her a hand as he did so. He whisked her to her feet and made an overly grand bow to thank her for the dance. He looked up at her whilst bent over double and winked. She couldn’t contain her laughter and pushed him a little harder than she meant to. They held onto each other to keep themselves from falling again and disappeared into the night.

Would that I would be him, and you her. I wish it so hard I can barely breathe.

Yours, A.