The 22nd day of September 2023


I trust my letter finds you in good health and spirits, and bristling with excitement to grace that far strange land with your presence. The local folk will likely ner laid eyes on one as fair as yourself, so best keep your wits about you. They say the locals become rambunxious once sated on mead and pasties so Madame best beware.

While the light is just about still with us at The Manor, the autumn air has begun drawing out summer’s warmth. We have begun preparing the fireplaces to keep the household warm through the dark months. While the change of the season can bring on a solemn mood, I confess myself excited for your return and the prospect of keeping Madame warm and comfortable through the season lightens my heart.

I have today received my first letter from PB which I found most humorous, though I confess myself occasionally lost with the context of the persons they are describing. I’m sure all will become clear in time.

I must also report on a scandal that has taken hold of The Village. It seems the barman at the Broken Tankard was caught in a state of carnal urgency with one of the serving wenches. It’s said the landlord was furious and ejected them both into the street partly dressed. I’d wager this is not the first escapade those two have found themselves in, and surely won’t be the last. Is there no sense of decency anymore? I’m sure I’ll keep on top of their misadventures for future letters as I know how you delight in such sordid matters.

Wishing you safe travels, an enjoyable trip, and a speedy return.

Yours, A.