The 1st day of October 2023


As we transition into October I cannot help but think of your imminent return to the manor. We have accumulated a dirth of firewood, aired out the thick winter blankets and have everything ready for the darker seasons.

I shall be out entertaining The Little Master today. There is a grand physical event which seems to have captured the whole town’s attention, I shall be briefly taking him to that.

Briefly, I spied our friends together this morning while running my errands. The bright low-autumn sun caught her hair flying in the breeze as they strolled together in each other’s arms. Clearly, their only aim for that day was to spend as much time together as possible. Their demeanour was so pleasant it was all I could do to not follow them as their laughter rang out through the sound of the wind in the trees.

They stopped under the old oak and embraced there for the longest time, gently swaying together at the memory of music that was still with them. She pressed her head into his chest as he placed a kiss on top of her head, breathing in the aroma of her hair as he did so.

I had to move on as who knows how long this might have taken. They may well still be there now.

Yours, A.